Journey To Self Discovery




The Journey To Self Discovery is an easy-going read which captivates the reader’s mind and stirs a self-consciousness instinct. The author takes us through the twists and turns of her life story, leaving a clear trail of her endured perpetual struggle and eventual triumph. The narration is laid out in a way that provides a step by step guide in how to overcome different situations at different stages of our lives. The fact that it builds around real-life experiences and provides tangible solutions makes it an unmatched source of motivation. It is definitely a piece of work that will leave you invigorated with fresh insights into life. Since its release in December 2019, the Journey To Self Discovery has seen a constant increase in the number of copies sold. The feedback from readers has been so heartwarming and a number of them have discussed how they relate with some of the experiences that the author has gone through. The book has catapulted Nironence Moyo to a new level in life where she offers Relationship Counseling, Motivational Talks, Business Coaching, and Network Marketing training. She also assisted many of her readers to gain more Self-confidence and Self Development. The demand for these services is growing with every purchase of the book. Don’t miss out, get your copy, and get inspired.


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