About Us

As someone who struggled to break the business ground because of lack of guidance and coaching, Mr M Dongo founded the company called BNC – Business~Networking~coaching. The company’s main focus is to help all small and medium business enterprises to break the ground and guide them.

With this, BNC have trained over 120 SMEs and manage to provide coaching hundreds of small business owners globally. As BNC, we do not believe in boundaries so with that in mind, we find ourselves breaking to European and American market by providing coaching and training online and providing these courses online and offline. .



BNC’s vision is to see hundreds of SMEs globally growing to be international business. As BNC we also help those less fortunate but full of potential to grow and become an international business.

Countless of SMEs are struggling with financial support for they do not have proper financial records and their credit record is bad mostly because these businesses are operating from hand to mouth and will never grow. BNC came to rescue these SMEs and show them that there is big goals to reach up there.


As our motto says “INSPIRED TO INSPIRE” that is our main mission that we inspire all these SMEs by offering them with proper education, proper coaching to greatness. We train these businesses that they do not need to settle for less but to get in tune and take their business to the next level.

After inspiring these SMEs, we encourage them to go and pass on the information that they get from us through the program called “Inspire one, inspire all” where we train them to go and help others to become as they are. So join us now in this mission of creating millionaires of tomorrow from these SMEs.